Social media is definitely a boon to real talents, which has brought out many good actors, playback singers,dancers and much more to the limelight and given them a life which they couldn't have imagined for. That is the power of social media platforms when used in the right way, but people often tend to misuse it. Let us get inspired from the true stories of 5 people who were struggling with their lives but outshined the lot and became a star over the night.  


Ranu Mondal who hails from West Bengal used to sing songs in a railway station in Ranaghat,West Bengal for money to survive and raise her daughter. Someone had recorded her singing in the station and this video was later posted on the social media platform, which surprisingly went viral. The video of this 59year old woman singing “Ek pyaar ka nagma hai” a beautiful bollywood number sung by legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar, reached the “Superstar Singer” reality TV show. Later she was invited for a guest performance and her singing impressed Bollywood musician Himesh Reshammiya, which made him ask her to sing for his compositions. From financially weak mother singing in a railway station to a Bollywood playback singer is a miracle journey but a gift for her talent. 


This 21year old wink beauty is a classical dancer who started her career as an actor in the year 2017 with a few short films. In the year 2018 she featured in a Tamil music album “Nee vaanam naan mazhai” and in the same year she bagged a Malayalam movie “ Oru Adaar Love” which claims to make her debut in the film industry. Earlier in the same year a single was released from the movie where she winked at her co-star which made rounds in the social media. She wouldn't have imagined that her cute wink and charming personality will help her attract so much attention. 


The Engineering Professor who is an aspiring dancer shook his legs in a sangeet ceremony which he had attended, where the professor imitated Bollywood actor Govinda’s moves for his song. This video was shot by one of the guests and uploaded on social media. The dancing video of the professor was watched by Govinda, Salman Khan and many other celebrities. Sanjeev was appreciated for his love for dance by people on social media and the celebrities.


A young rapper who made the Bollywood industry turn back to him with his funny words used in the rap, got pretty much attention from the people and Bollywood. The rapper took an extra step by auditioning for “Indian Idol” reality show where the judges were unsatisfied with his singing and few of his raps tickled them to laugh out. 


Somvati Mahawar seems to be a tea lover and a good Indian woman who possesses some basic manners to request others to virtually drink her tea. This endearing quality of Somvati attracted many across the world.

Be it for their talent or their crazy activities, they have brought a smile to people's faces all over social media. Do watch their videos and get rid of your stress.


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