Chennai is the most popular and busiest city in Tamil Nadu, the city is loved for its unique
cultural and economic value. It attracts lakhs and lakhs of tourists every year with its longest
beach in India and the second longest in the world, heritage temples with beautiful hand
sculpted sculptures, shopping malls, and other recreational places. It is the city which serves
one with a large variety of food which attracts its visitors. This capital city of Tamil Nadu is
the largest industrial and commercial place in south India. That’s the soulful reason why a
huge number of people relocate to this city with its perfect living environment and great job

Let us know 5 unusual facts about the beautiful city.

● Madrasapattinam is the birth name of the city which was later renamed as Chennai,
which was a fishing village. Only after building the Fort St.George which is the first
fortress in India and the place became the first british settlement, thus the village
started developing into a city.

● It is the place where the oldest prison is located as well. Yes, Chennai central prison
is said to be the oldest prison in India.

● The spencer plaza is the first ever shopping mall built in India, which was raised in
the year 1863 and reconstructed in 1985. It is said to be the biggest shopping mall in
South Asia when it was built.

● Royapuram railway station is mentioned to be the oldest railway station in India.

● The most celebrated Chepauk cricket stadium is considered to be the oldest cricket
stadium in India.

Knowing these facts about the city makes us realize the importance and love people had for
it right from the ancient times. The value of the city is growing higher along with its age. No
wonder why the city is much celebrated by its people.


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