It was not so long, Balaji Vijayaraghavan, a city based stand up comedy artist and criminologist took to his social media to write about a grave nuisance and continuous harassment faced by his Aunt who stays at the Lancor Courtyard, Nanganallur by her neighbour. Reportedly the man who had harassed is found to be city’s famous Oncologist and ABVP National President Dr Subbiah Shanmugam.

Initially everything was seem to be smooth until there was an issue over a parking lot. Subbiah seemed to have requested the woman to park his car on her extra slot and she had generously accepted on a temporary basis. The situation had got worse when the doctor requested to park his car permanently on the woman’s slot to which she had asked for Rs1500 parking fee after which equations have started to change. All of a sudden Subbiah had started behaving indifferently with the lonely lady such as throwing garbage wastes in front of her house, harasses through intercom talking about chicken whereas the lady being a strict vegetarian, urinating in front of the main door and above all he had seem to have masturbated and the semen traces were found at her doorstep.

After repeated offences, Balaji and her aunt have checked for the CCTV footages installed on their floor to double confirm and they have found shocking CCTV footages in which the alleged accused had found to be doing aforementioned obscene activities.

After the doctor was caught red-handed on CCTV urinating at the woman’s doorstep, the family had started looking for ways to take this issue forward.

On July 11, Balaji had filed a complaint with Adambakkam police station. Today after many days, the Chennai city police booked him under IPC sections 271 & 427 and under the Tamilnadu Prevention of Women Harassment Act . He has not been arrested yet. It seems the Chennai police were showing lethargic attitude towards the complaint and have taken action now after nearly 14 days owing to a  lot of pressure from media and common public. 

It seems many media offices have tried to reach Dr Subbiah for his reaction on this matter, however Dr Subbiah wasn't available to any of them. Media houses like Times group have covered this story on their prime time. We hope the doctor would share his side of points shortly.

Written by : Rathish 

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