The people in the whole world are suffering a lot trying hard to cope up with their new lifestyle. In India due to the Covid19 pandemic the entire country was initially locked down. But later due to the economic crisis popped up since all industries were completely shut down. In this case the central government passed on the responsibility to state governments, so that each state government could decide regarding lock down considering the geographical severity of Covid19. The state governments on and off make little relaxations where, offices and industries are allowed to function. But schools and colleges are not allowed to open for the safety of students. 


Having this kind of situation, where schools and colleges had started online classes for its students, a milkman whose family’s livelihood is completely based on cows had sold it. Knowing the reason why he did this melted everyone’s hearts on social media. 


Kuldeep Kumar who belongs to Himachal Pradesh is a Milkman, and he has two kids. A girl child named Anu who is pursuing her 4th grade and a little boy named Wanns who is in 2nd grade. Understanding the current situation where students are asked to take up online lessons Kuldeep sold his cow to buy his children a smartphone. 


This incident has somehow reached Actor Sonu Sood, and he tweeted to know the whereabouts of the family to help them get their cow back. Seeing this sweet gesture of the actor, many people have poured in lots of respect and love for him. This Villain actor who won people’s hearts through his acting, now has become the real hero in everyone’s hearts.

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