Meera Mitun is a model and tamil cinema actor hailing from Chennai. She started her career as a print model, went on to participate  on several beauty pageants and done various print & runway modelling projects from various brands including Kingfisher. She had walked for various designers in fashion weeks across the nation.

As much the Chennai ponnu is known for her work she is equally famous for stirring a lot of controversies. She seem to constantly  get into or create one or the other controversy. Fans and followers of her have started waiting for her to say something so that it becomes an entertainment factor for the day. In fact many people keep checking her Insta and Twitter for new controversies by her. Netizens keep trolling Meera on her posts every day.

Meera also tried her hands in producing and directing fashion shows and beauty pageants after which several issues started cropping. Contestants of her show complained of fraudulent money laundering case against Meera. She also had a tiff with Joe Michael, another fashion director and event manager. After back and forth blame games between the two, this topic became a huge sensation on the internet. Meera and Joe also filed complaints on each other with Chennai Police. Meera also took part in the infamous BIGG BOSS show conducted by Vijay Television.

Meera doesn’t cease to create sparks. She recently pulled south actor Trisha Krishnan on her tweet saying “Tis s gonna be my last warning to you @trishtrashers . Next time I see, you photoshop ur picture with features of mine including hair, morphing to, look like me, you will be under serious legal allegation . You know what ur doing, Well ur conscience knows. Grow Up! Get a Life.” Meera openly accused the south star copying her. Trisha fans were irked by seeing this tweet, however Trisha seemed to have not given a damn to Meera. Twitter was trending with trolls on Meera by Trisha fans couple of days ago.

Meera did not spare Superstar Rajinikanth & Thalapathy Vijay as well. She went on to accuse that Rajinikanth and Vijay are doing their best to defame her. She also said that she wouldn’t think twice to take legal action on both the actors  on Cyberbullying and Women Harassment Act. She also mentioned suffixes to the actors with ‘Kannada’ and ‘Christian’. We aren’t sure of why she mentioned specifically about Rajini being a Kannadiga and Vijay being a Christian.

Few days ago she tweeted “TN boycotted me, thanks for the same that’s why am a supermodel now , opened nationally, internationally . Also kollywood against me, thats y am in bollywood & hollywood. But What I don't understand is Why is TN still behind my a$$, talking(harassing)about me is their only Job ?!” In her tweet she seems to accuse the Tamil film industry for not giving her opportunities.

Meera recently posted as many tweets attacking Aishwarya Rajesh for copying her photoshoots, style and makeup. She also called Aishwarya , a product of Nepotism and she thrives in this industry only because of Nepotism. Again we did not see Aishwarya retorting to Meera’s posts. May be the actors are not taking Meera serious. Consecutive tweets exchanged between Meera and a twitter handle @KaulTheKing shows a lot of hatred towards Aishwarya Rajesh accusing her of copying and morphing.

She tweeted “When I become CM, first I would set rite is law and order ! Wash out complete TN journalism fraudulences, make sure rite news is getting to the public and society, Yes forming a young selfless ministry team, not the old people who would jus want to stack-money “  On top of all these hullabullas, Meera has of late started tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi in her several tweets. When she was asked if PM responded to her tweets, she replied, “Although he has not replied, I am sure he reads all my tweets”. Well that’s what we call it as Super Confidence.

Many trollers wrote if she writes all these posts with her right sense or if she is just creating controversies to stay in limelight. We have to wait and watch what is the next issue to follow….

Written by : Rathish 

Fashion Model | HR Professional  | Writer

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