Nepotism, groupism and favouritism are some buzzwords we keep hearing everywhere in the last couple of months. It’s been speculated that youth sensation Sushant Singh Rajput had succumbed to suicidal pressure due to Nepotism in Bollywood and the investigation is still on. Kangana Ranaut who is famous for outing the hindi cinema industry for ‘Nepotism’ has given umpteen number of interviews on it in the recent past and she is touted to the flag-bearer of such revelations. Earlier singer Sonu Nigam also complained about the favouritism existing in Bollywood.

In a recent interview, the music maestro AR Rahman said there is a group in Bollywood which spreads rumours about him and stops good work coming to him and he has always fought the way out to the top. Fans across the country were shocked and surprised to hear this from the man of few words. There were so many posts about if this is what can happen to top big shots in the industry, what could be the state of others.

AR Rahman scored music for the recent sensational release ‘DilBechara’ starring late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Sanjana Sanghi as main leads.  
Rahman on his interview to Radio Mirchi went on to say “ When Mukesh Chhabra, the director of Dilbechara approached me , I gave 4 songs within a span of two days. He told me that there were so many people who asked him not to rope me and also told many stories about me. I heard that and realised, why I keep getting less offers and why the good movies aren’t coming to me” Rahman considers there is a big gang working against him , without realising they were harming his career.

Rahman also mentioned that these petty things don’t affect him much as he strongly believes in Destiny and everything comes from God. 

After this news broke, social media was full of memes showering love by the fans across the nation especially from down south. Tamil cinema lyricist Vivek took to his micro blogging site to show his love towards ARR.

The double Oscar winner seems to be strong and will continue to  do his best.

Written by : Rathish 

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