The Bigg Boss Season 3 fame and self-proclaimed Super Model Meera Mithun is again trolled over and over again for her insane posts on twitter and her ignorance. 

  Meera Mitun FOG Tamil

While Meera Mithun continuously tags big celebrities such as actor Thrisha, super star Rajinikanth, bollywood director and actor Anurag Kashyap, opposite party leader M K Stalin etc. to her meaningless posts with no connection, her desire to tag big celebrities has gone to next level and started to tag the Prime Minister of India to all her twitter posts. Her posts are flooded with roasting and trolling comments by the netizens, as usual!

When the self-proclaimed super model was asked about if she received any reply from PM Narendra Modi, she replied “No, but, I’m sure he is seeing my posts and taking necessary actions accordingly!”. This makes the netizens facepalm 🤦

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