Yesterday we reported a story on Nageswara Rao, a farmer from Andhra Pradesh who made his daughters plough his land forcibly as he had gone short of money and  equipment to plough his field, another consequence of this ongoing pandemic. This news went viral across various media platforms including the social media. And what we got to see as the outcome of this was a pleasant surprise.

Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood whose name is very famous in helping the migrant labour force to reach their home back have noticed this news. The noble man had gifted a new tractor to the farmer seeing the difficulty of the family to thrive in this pandemic and considering the pain the daughters had to go through for survival. This happened after few hours after a video went viral showing the daughters  seen helping the farmer plough the fields.
Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N Chandrababu Naidu after knowing this incident went on to praise the benevolence by Sonu and promised to help the family. Naidu tweeted, "Spoke with @SonuSood ji & applauded him for his inspiring effort to send a tractor to Nageswara Rao’s family in Chittoor District. Moved by the plight of the family, I have decided to take care of the education of the two daughters and help them pursue their dreams". Sonu Sood also quickly replied to Naidu and thanking him for the appreciation and the timely help to the needy.

We cant thank enough Journalist Krishnamurthy for getting this information to Sonu and coordinating this noble gesture.

Written by : Rathish 

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