The current Captain of Chennai super kings MS Dhoni recently celebrated his birthday, where many people conveyed their wishes to the captain. Since Dhoni is 39years old now, it is said that he might play for another one or two years in the IPL series.

People who regularly follow IPL series are very curious to know who the next captain of Chennai super kings would be. Chennai super kings is the most celebrated and loved team among others, by IPL fans. Many people expect Suresh Raina to be the next captain of CSK because he has led the team once in Dhoni’s absence. 

According to some resources it is evident that there are fair chances for Ravindra Jadeja to take up the position since Suresh raina aged 33 now, will be 35years old when Dhoni retires from IPL. So the team will have a second thought about it, but incase of Ravindra Jadeja who is much younger and considering  seniority, the team might choose him over Suresh Raina. So that the team can carry on for another 5-8years without any disturbances.

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