Vanitha Vijayakumar's third marriage has been the talk of social media and media lately. 
Some YouTube channels are heavily involved. Kasturi, who is known for her many controversies, and actresses like Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Peter Paul's ex-wife Elizabeth Helen have been involved by speaking live on many Youtube channels.

A YouTube channel that wanted to take this to the next level linked Vanitha and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan on a live video call last night, thinking that views would be bewitching if they were made to speak live. 

Kasturi, who had earlier spoken to Elizabeth Helen in a live video call on the issue, also tagged Lakshmi Ramakrishnan on her Twitter page and suggested that it was wrong for her to tag a woman who was comforting her. Irritated by this, Vanitha tags Kasturi on her Twitter page and warns her not to insert her nose in her personal life anymore and will show your true face to the outside world with proof that you are pretending to be good in the community. 


Thus the Twitter argument between the actresses is turning into a Twitter fight. Netizens are also articulating to their liking that this is a hobby they’ve got.

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